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Monday, 4 December 2017

Tip & Tricks For On Page and Off Page seo

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Creating On Page Seo & off Page seo optimization

On page seo is process of creating good content which includes keywords and page linking's
 when writing article make sure that article headline or title tag must not to exceed 65 words and it should contains at least 2 to 5 keywords in title

Article must be search engine optimization friendly, it Include some keywords for every ten words it consists 2 to 3 keywords, create image to article it should attract and generate traffic to your blog or website

Please Don't DO irrelevant keyword stuffing in your article, it may damage your blog performance & it will be spam, your Google rank may degrade

After creating killing headline with good keyword stuffing in Headline, Concentrate on article, when writing article make sure that article must be minimum 500 maximum 2000 words , don't forgot to add keywords and interlinking articles, href tags, anchor text 

Make sure that article should be easy to read and user friendly
OFF Page Optimization
It includes Blog Commenting, external link building, search engine Submission, Guest posting & Guest blogging, Submitting Links to Popular forums, Open directories, Submit links to Social Book Marking & social networking sites, creating social Profile

Promoting blog or web page off-line, off page seo is the processes for generating traffic to you blog

Blog commenting Search For high PR blogs and comment their about your Blog and tell about your website give your link, daily do at least 2 to 3 comments some may fails someone may give you back links, please don't buy back links it may hurts search engine Optimization, that means they do generate huge keywords with in 2 to 3 day Google algorithm detect as spam

Article Submission
Search for Good article Submmition Sites, Submitting articles to different article summation website or blogs here you can generate one keyword, tell them about your blog and article explain Clearly about website & Niche

Guest Blogging 
Guest blogging writhing article to other blogs which may exchange links, so many blogs offers guest blogging & some websites pay for writing article to their blogs

Search Engine Sumiton
Submitting blog link to Google search, bing search, baidu, Digg engine and more famous search engines and submitting article links to more directories

Social Bookmarking sites
First of all create accounts in following Social Bookmarking sites Submit blog link & images to the following bookmarking submission sites pinterest, reddit, delicious, stumble upon and more bookmarking sites
Create account in Each and every Social Bookmarking sites updates with blog link,

Social Networking sites
Now days we have many social networking sites they are Playing Major role in our daily life, Most of younger are spending lot of time in social Network 
  Facebook is top on the list it more than 100 million subscriber are there, Different ways to promote Brands, Marketing Products

  Twitter was playing major role for both student and brand promoting, mostly movies, actors, actress and entertainment promoting
  Google Plus Promoting Products in G+ Creating brand accounts
  You-tube Videos Plays important role for video Marketing at the same way on-line money making

Hi Friend this Article will help you to create ON Page and OFF Pages SEO, Suggest me, help me I will write latest tips and tricks On SEO and Digital Marking Stuff

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Best 3 affiliate Marketing programs to earn $1000 per Month

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Here are the 3 Best affiliate Programs to earn extra Income

How to earn money from nice affiliate marketing, Top Affiliation service that make more than $200 per sale and each product commission starts from 10% to 25%, 
Some services provided may pay you good commissions for the first sale

>>Earn Money  By promoting Click Bank Affiliate Products 

>>Makes money with Commission Junction affiliate


Seriously one of the best Affiliation services which provide $200 per each product sale, think so no one provide this much commission for a single sale.

Just go with this you will get $200 a commission, just you need to spend some time for marketing product to your website or blog, promoting product forums related to your niche. 

You should work hard initially to get good traffic, concentrate on relevant niche where you should promote the product  

Click Bank Affiliate

Click Bank affiliation service was old and well, here they have a lack of product in Click Bank, just select the categories niche related to your blog promote the products 

There are more than 25 plus categories and subcategories are there, most of us people (SEO guys) work on click bank account, they are earning millions of dollars

I hope you guys also interested in Click Bank, just spending 1 to 2 hours daily, you can make $2000 to $5000 per month. 

In my next article I will tell you how to promote affiliate products, where to promote

Commission Junction Affiliate

Commission Junction CJ was one of the top market place to promote affiliate products in the USA and many countries UK, India, Australia, Canada  many more counters using CJ Affiliation to earn money. 

First, you should register with a commission Junction, affiliate program, select products related to your niche market. 
Many Bloggers and SEO Guys are earning money from CJ Affiliate Marketing

Just doing some SEO, posting your product on social networking sites, post in a related group
Try boosting Face book marketing by sharing product to related niche in related communities in Face book, always publish products in Twitter, promote affiliate products in Google plus groups sharing in multiple group, 

This article will help you to Make Extra Money

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Top 10 ways to make money On line and Offline Easily

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Today I am going to tell you multiple ways to earn money on line when you have free time or choose as full-time career

Creating a blog with  some niche your Interested in, select topic depend up on your interest.
write some article publish those articles on your blog by putting some good keywords to drive traffic
Promoting your Post in different ways, sharing on social media like Facebook, twitter, stumble upon, Linked in, Google plus and More
By monetizing your blog you can  start making Money



2. Freelancing
so many resources are there to work as freelancer, there are some site lie freelance, UP Work and more websites are there work as freelancer, select topic and start search for work,
freelance,elance,99 design,UP work,Toptal,guru,Craigslist and more 

start making money through selling Photos and Painting online , there are so many resources are there for selling photographs

you tube was the most famous video streaming website. ill tell you how make money on YouTube
>First  you have to create a channel on YouTube by using Gmail or with any other E-mail id
>Create any video for example make video on mobiles any thing your interested about 
>After creating a video upload it to YouTube account
>Give good title name to video Give description to your videos and tags to your video
>Publish the video and Promote the video 
>Monetize videos with adsence and start making money from YouTube videos


5.Affliation Marketing

Affiliation marketing one of the best way to start generating revenue. is it possible make money through affiliation marketing yes its I possible. I will tell you how

There are so many website providing affiliation services provider are there in the world.
first  I will tell you what is affiliation marking, how to earn money from affiliation,
Many companies like amazon & click bank are the most famous in USA and remaining countries,
.what we do is promote products in amazon any buy purchased product from your affiliation the you will get commission form amazon, For this you don't need to spend money, no need to buy products, by promoting products in amazon you get paid as commission is from 4% to 12% depend upon Product.

I told you about only amazon but there are so many companies offering affiliation services to their products and  every country has affiliation programs most of them are on line shopping  sites

6.Making Video Tutorials
Every asks how does we make money from making videos, I will tell you now
>first select topic where your interest and familiar
>By making videos on particulate topic creating video tutorials, topic will be complete and brief explanation
> If you are Interested in making videos on recipes or softwares like java tutorials like that
> after creating the tutorials edit the videos and upload your videos
> Put your complete tutorials on Udemy, Lynda and sell your tutorials there and make money through videos tutorials

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Friday, 3 February 2017

Top 10 ways to Increase traffic to blog/website

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Following things will increase traffic to your site
How to Drive Traffic to Blog/website

Facebook | Twitter |Google Plus | Yahoo | Reddit |Delicious |Sumbleupon |Pinteres | my pocket | Instagram

 Is one of the Best ways to drive traffic by creating fan pages, groups? Increase likes in fan pages by promoting on various groups like FB Groups. Fan Page link on website, Schedule posting

In Facebook we drive traffic from different ways, frequently sharing article along with fan page, schedule posting, all ways share branding Facebook page in various Facebook groups & commenting

To get views from twitter you should have good amount of followers in twitter
Increase followers in twitter; publish your article on twitter profile page

Google Plus
Helps you get more views by sharing your post in communities and related to article groups, always Increase your followers will helps increasing traffic gradually

Daily posting articles link with tags and description in reddit. It will drive the good and healthy traffic to you website, increases page rank and get free back link, Unique Visitors

StumbleUpon   is a Social Bookmarking site helps to drive unique visitors from different countries; Google Page Rank will be Improves

Delicious one of the best Social Bookmarking Site helps you increase the viewer by posting article along with descriptions and related tags, Get unique visitors and improve page rank

Instagram is a photo sharing website helps to promote brand value; share article URL below the image may drive traffic

Pinterest image hosting website which drive you traffic by posting effective image or Info graphic presentation, Gets unique views and increase views.

My pocket
Helps you to promote your article and along with images and videos, share and upload photos, add links of your article URL, You tube video links

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