How to create a blog on free (Shout Quick) - Shout Quick

How to create a blog on free (Shout Quick)

Different ways to create a blog in a Blogspot,Create free blog on blogger
We can create a blog in two ways, creating blogger account buy following these simple steps

1. Create a blog with existing G-mail account

Creating Brand New Blog On Blogspot Watch

2. Creating by other  E-mail id other like (yahoo mail, Hot mail, AOL mail , and more)
Every one fells G-mail user only creates BlogSpot .com account. Other than G-mail users can create account by Using your existing Mail id Like Hot mail, AOL mail, Yahoo mail and your personal Mail id (ex: shoutquick12@shoutquickcom)

Sign Up to blogger account  by creating user name and password with you Existing Gmail id or other E mail id:

for G mail account user can directly create your blgspot account (Doesn't require sign up)Directly  login to blog and create blog

these are the two way to create brand new blog on blogspot

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