Top 10 Best ways to Make money online

Today I am going to tell you multiple ways to earn money on line when you have free time or choose as full-time career

Top 10 ways to make money On line and Offline Easily

Creating a blog with  some niche your Interested in, select topic depend up on your interest.
write some article publish those articles on your blog by putting some good keywords to drive traffic.

Promoting your articles in different ways, sharing on social media like Facebook, twitter, stumble upon, Linked in, Google plus and More.

By doing off page optimization you can get more traffic to your blog and monetize your blog to with any ad platform, place ads in proper way then you will get starting revenue.

By monetizing your blog you can start making Money



2. Freelancing
so many resources are there to work as freelancer, there are some site lie freelance, UP Work and more websites are there work as freelancer, select topic and start search for work,
freelance,elance,99 design,UP work,Toptal,guru,Craigslist and more 

How to Create Freelancer account in Freelance get 20$ sign up bonus

start making money through selling Photos and Painting online , there are so many resources are there for selling photographs

you tube was the most famous video streaming website. ill tell you how make money on YouTube
>First  you have to create a channel on YouTube by using Gmail or with any other E-mail id
>Create any video for example make video on mobiles any thing your interested about 
>After creating a video upload it to YouTube account
>Give good title name to video Give description to your videos and tags to your video
>Publish the video and Promote the video 
>Monetize videos with adsence and start making money from YouTube videos


5.Affliation Marketing

Affiliation marketing one of the best way to start generating revenue. is it possible make money through affiliation marketing yes its I possible. I will tell you how

There are so many website providing affiliation services provider are there in the world.

first  I will tell you what is affiliation marking, how to earn money from affiliation.

Many companies like amazon & click bank are the most famous in USA and remaining countries.

we have to promote the products in amazon any one purchased product from your affiliation the you will get commission form amazon, For this you don't need to spend money, no need to buy products, we need to spend some time to promote the products.

By promoting products from amazon we can get commission from 4% to 12% depend upon Category and products.

I told you about only amazon but there are so many companies offering affiliation services to their products and  every country has affiliation programs most of them are on line shopping  sites

6.Making Video Tutorials
Every one has question how to make money from creating videos, I will tell you now.

>First we need to pick a top where you are interest and familiar with.
>By making videos on particulate topic creating video tutorials, topic will be complete and brief explanation
> If you are Interested in making videos on recipes or softwares like java tutorials like that
> after creating the tutorials edit the videos and upload your videos
> Put your complete tutorials on Udemy, Lynda and sell your tutorials there and make money through videos tutorials

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Hi, Its me Praveen. A webdesigner, blogspot developer and UI/UX Designer. I am a certified Themeforest top Author and Front-End Developer. I'am business speaker, marketer, Blogger and Javascript Programmer.

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