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On Page SEO: Optimize website for Google Search

In this article I will tell you what is on page SEO Optimization and how to do on page SEO Optimization to rank the blog on Google to generate leads, and basic seo strategy to rank top search 
how to optimize on page seo

What is ON page optimization?

ON Page optimization is the process of optimizing searching buy doing SEO for blog, Article should be search Engine friendly like Google search, bing search and more search engines.

Whatever content you create that should attract the Search and increase the visibility of search, It may drive huge traffic to your blog, If you blog have good visibility on search, we have to write search engine friendly content it should attract the audience

Article should visible on search and quality of content should be good

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How to do ON Page Optimization

To perform On Page optimization we have to follow the these tings

1. H1, H2 and H3 tags are called as header text

Your blog post should include these tree tags 
H1 is nothing but a title tag
H1 tag should use on one time, It must be for the article title and make sure title must be in between not less than 20 characters not longer than 60 characters.

Do you Enter more than 60 characters those data will not visible on search

Do not forgot add 2 to 4 Keywords for article title.

H2 & H3 tags for side heading and explaining sub topic in article, we have to include keywords in the entire blog article,

2. Meta Tags and Meta Description: Optimizing the Image

We have to include Meta tags and description for every article in blog.
Meta Tags will help us to rank your article on Google search; this may drive huge traffic and generate more leads and revenue.

We have to do some keyword search related to article niche and put it on your article.

For Keyword stuffing follow the third point

Meta Description 
We have to describe about your article in 30 words if you add more than that it won't show remaining words in search, it's not mandatory to have keywords in Meta description,
Meta description we have to attract the viewer and write about your article in 30 words then they will click to read the article.

3. Adding Keywords to Blog
This was the most important thing to rank your blog and helps us to drive more traffic, for keywords stuffing we have lot of tools listed below

Google Ads Previously it was Google Ad words, Google changed the name recently, free keywords stuffing tool.

Semrush, Ubersuggest, keywordtool.io

If you are beginner, you want to rank fast in search, want to get approve your adsense Account easily.

Blog article must be min 300 words to 500 words, my suggestion is make sure at least 500 words with 30 percent of keywords in article, there was no max length limit, many guys won't read longer post

According to Neli patel and more Blogger 2000 words also a good length

If you are article writer you can write big article, you are a basic writer go with 500 words article

How to get approved Ad sense account
For that you blog should have minimum 20 to 25 article with rich keywords with unique content.

 Keyword stuffing 
 For example your niche was about cooking you have to add Keywords like "how to cook", "cook Burger", "recipes for cooking pizza" these are the few examples for keyword stuffing

4. Alt tags: Name for image and description for image

After writing a article we have to design a banner according to article to attract the customer, To optimize blog banner or image on search, we have to add  Alt tag and alt description to image.

Alt tag Code :<img src="image.jpg" alt="Text Here">
5. Anchor text: inter linking within the blog

Anchor text is a clickable links in a article to redirect to different article, this anchor text may help you increase bounce rate. Increase the time of visitors, helps us to get more "Cost per Click" and get more views and clicks so it will increase time spend on blog.

This process is known as back linking internal linking your blog, this is the process to get some back links and keywords to blog.

Always try to create anchor text to keywords so your text gets more value.

 Anchor text: <a href="www.shoutquick.com">enter keyword text</a>
Only red color text is visible this was the way to get off Page on Page optimization and back linking

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