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Top Youtube Mistakes Beginners To Avoid : Youtube seo


Begginer Youtuber's to avoid the Mistake your making on youtube channel.

Top Youtube Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

Mistakes: sub for sub youtube, like for like, watch for watch

A few days back when I go through facebook groups, I find sub for sub groups in facebook, then joined facebook groups named youtube subscribers groups, there were millions of groups related to this type of groups.

Many posts are on those groups are posting one youtube channel link please subscribe to my channel ill subscribe to your channel, those type of subscribers are dead they man not use those channel.

> Putting all your hard work in a dustbin.

> Many of you are concentrating on subscribers but getting 4000 watch time is very difficult until

> Many people have several youtube channel with single Gmail account, If you get subscriber from all channel which is assigned to a single account will not count

sub for sub youtube are against youtube policies, Your violating google terms and conditions.

> without watching 1 min of your video you ill get subscriber, some of them directly subscribe without watching your videos.

> First thing you do not get good watch time 
Google algorithm knows everything and they will analysis all your channel data like

>How many views you are getting, From where your getting, they will track every activity happens in your youtube channel.

> we are violating youtube policies and rules which hurts channel performance.

> Some times your videos will not find in search, your views may decrease, watch time decreases and degrades youtube channel performance

> We don't get good bounce rate if we don't get bounce rate all your videos ill be on latest, many channels get warnings, few channels were banned, get copyright notice, copyright strikes, several youtube channels were terminated.

One year back I have done sub for sub to get subscriber fastly, AT that time my channel has 600 hundred subscriber and 4k minutes of watch time per month, day it was increasing from late six month's it was in good standing if I wait"s for next 4 to 5 months ill reach 1000 subscribe automatically.

I got tempted to try to get subscribers, Initially share my channel link please subscribe, I have done it on fb groups which are related to my niche, what I am doing is ok, I am not happy with this

Now I found sub 4 sub groups in facebook and joined those groups started the game, please sub 4 subs i have done it for 2 months got good subscriber which are useless.

After one month I stopped doing this all of sudden many good videos on my channel, videos which are getting good videos are gradually stopped getting views and my monthly watch time came from 4k to 2k.

Then I realized and stared organic way, It took 8 months to get out of spam now I reached 1k subscribers.

Now I have to reach 4000 hours of watch time in year.

How to get Subscribers and watch time in Organic way

What to do get subscribers

How to get Subscribers and watch time in Organic way

> Instead of spending time on getting subscribers, share your videos on social networking sites by adding some description which was related to a youtube channel.

> Try to get 4000 hours of watch time automatically you ill cross 1000+ subscribers threshold. 

> Try to make good videos which help everyone, which educates everyone, pick a niche which you're Passionate

> Promote every video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linked in, Pinterest, Quora, Snapchat, mix, and more site to get good views.

> Put all your efforts on topic and make videos on topics

> Start making the video what you have, create better content so we can upgrade later when we get first to check.

> We have free editing software tools are there

> whenever upload a video to youtube 
-Enter good title tags and include keywords
-We have written a good description of your video include some keywords, this Description helps you to rank on top.

- Add some keywords on Tag
- Create good custom thumbnail: Thumbnail should attack the audience so you ill get views

CANVA is a website we can make a banner for a youtube channel for free, we can make banners all social platform in canva.

One more easy way is "PAINT" , 

Initially, I started with paint now I am using Canva, Photoshop

canva and Paint is free tool, we have purchase Photoshop

At last Please don't waste quality time on sub 4 sub Please spend time on creating quality content and promoting those videos.

Created this video to help my friends who are wasting quality time doing the wrong thing to get subscribers.

If anyone faced any issues by doing this process, please comment on your problems in the comment box, so I can updates the in this post so it was helpful for new YouTubers.

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