10 Strategies get more views for Youtube videos

Complete guide to getting views for views for youtube videos and how to promote youtube channel, How to Drive traffic from Different Mediums, Top strategies which are implemented for my videos. Were are doing seo for youtube channel and Video, Best way to optimize youtube channel.
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Posting quality videos constantly and promoting in social media by doing Youtube on-page Seo will help you get traffic when you get a good response to your videos, who like your content they will subscribe to your channel.

We are optimizing youtube channel for search engines, Tis Process is Off Page seo optimizing youtube channel and promoting Videos to get more organic traffic.

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Step 1: Branding YouTube Channel

To get continuous audience branding is most important, Creating a youtube channel is one thing, Audience will hook to your content.

Create a branding logo, before creating a YouTube channel we should create the logo and updates your logo with all social media profile images and thumbnail.

when we create content to add the branding logo to the video, Posters and banners to identifying you, Facebook, twitter , instagram we can easy tell their name by seeing their ogo

The brand may attract the viewers, Viewers I'll eagerly weight for your content., Your Create some trust ,  top blogger like Neil Patel, Backlinko, They build the brand we eagerly waiting for their videos and articles, They become branding by building empire and for long term success.

Step 2  Consistency

Continuous updating content , updating article to blog, Uploading videos to channel consitantly.

Post content monthly, weekly or daily with out faily, Depend up on your time and quality of content, publish your videos in a particular time,Do you want to post in same time every time you publish, Schedule your post.

Consistency is the most important thing to get traffic to your videos and hook the audience to channel, Upload a video when fixing the time and schedule it.

When we upload a video to youtube, we have to post it on a continuous basis, Discipline is the most important thing.

Daily once or weekly once or monthly once you have to post videos without fail, By consistently posting videos may get more traffic, the audience eagerly wait for your videos.

Step 3: Create Facebook Fan page: Promoting on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular with most influenced top one social networking site in the world, Beast way to get huger traffic by promoting Facebook.

Create a Facebook brand page, create a Facebook group and get more followers to the Facebook group and Facebook page.

Continuously upload each and every content to Facebook page and group, By continuously posting the videos to groups and fan pages to get more traffic.

Follow some related groups to your niche with a fan page and share your content with some other groups related to your topic.

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Step 4: Instagram

Instagram is one of the top photo & video-sharing website, which has 500 million users each day worldwide, which has more than one billion active users, 

Twitter is owned by Facebook, To promote anything in Instagram, we need to create profile related to your niche, consistently post some content in your Instagram, 

Now we a to get some brand value to inst gram account we need some followers, to get followers we have to follow some other profile related to your niche, Update picture to profile for the Instagram account which represents your brand.

When your posting images and videos to Instagram, write 2 to 3 lines of description to a particular post and updates few hashtags under description and give your product links like website URL or any other links.

Step 5: Quora SEO

Quora is a Best social bookmarking in the world which has high PR, we can submit your question and you ill find an answer for it. 

To get some quality traffic to your blog and youtube use quora for traffic generation, To get some quality leads to your products.

How to get traffic from Quora?

we have to create an account on Quora, update your information and blog links, youtube channel links and other social media profile links related to your brand.

Follow Some of the topics related to your niche, Join Some group and follow the members in quora and engage some followers to your profile.

Now its time to post some questions on your niche or topic, Post your question with URL, for every problem we will get the solution.

Many guys are making millions of dollars of money from quora, You want to earn extra income try to focus on quora you ill make a lot.

Step 6: Pinterest

Pinterest is a photo-sharing and video-sharing portal, where we can post the URL of your blog or youtube channel, it may reach a lot of audience in the Pinterest.

We have a lot of stratifies and technical to get engagement from Pinterest, it is an SEO friendly and best way to optimize your blog or products

Create an account in Pinterest, Update your account with website URL, add all social sites URL relates your brand.

After updating all the details. you need to create a board, for every category you have to create a new board then pin your link there.

You should post Url's or Link's to Pinterest, we can submit Image ling, website URL, youtube URL to your board.

Now its time to get some exposure to your Pinterest account, You have to update new pins and follow a few Pinterest related to your topic.

Step 7: Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site that allows 140 characters, the best platform to promote your product & Brand on twitter.

Great place to promote the brand to get some engagement from your related niche, you ill get some best quality traffic.

Create a twitter business account consistently post your article, post, website links to twitter may help you to drive traffic to your blog, products, and brand.

Step 8: Medium

Medium is an article submitting site to make extra money from writing articles, in the same way, we can post your video links to get more traffic.

Step 9: Watts App

Join multiple watts group and share your YouTube links & article to watts app group , so you can get some views from watts app

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Step 10: Q & A Webinars,

Conducting question and answer webinar to engage more customers, To know more about the audience, ask the audience and resolve their queries. Interact with the audience help you to get some recolonization and trust on you.

Next, I will write an article briefly about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, medium and other social profiles to make money & drive traffic from them.

These are the top 10 Best way's to engage the audience to your youtube channel and blog

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