How to Display the Ads Below the Blog Post Title In Blogger

How to Setup adsense ads or any 3rd party ads or affiliation advertisements Link below the blog post title in Blog or Website and end of the blog post

Display adsense below post title

To display the ads below the blog title you should have existing Approved adsense or any 3rdy party advertisement network

Creating New Ad Unit on Google adsense account 

1. Go to adsense login to your adsense account by giving user name and password

2. Click on My Ads "Ad Units" to create new add unit

Note: Just See this image you will Get some idea and it will help you to make fast

3.To create new ad Unit click on "New Ad Unit" and Create New advertisement depend upon the requirement and size of ads

>Here we have 3 types of ads Categories
-Text and display Ads will display both text and image ads
-In feed Ads
-In article Ads

> In this you should select "Text and Display ads" it will display both text ads and Image banner 

>Here we have different types of ad units and size of ad units, select any one of the size as per the blog requirement


>We have 13 different Ad Size are there select any one of them which matches to blog template or select which attracts you

>After select ad size and ad type click on "Save and Get Code" then it will display the add Code shown below Image

>Copy the adsense ad code and Paste where ever you want to display ads in your blog or website

>This was the complete process to create new ads unit and Place the ads in your blog where ever you want

4. Do you want use existing ad code Click On "Get Code", click on the get code the it will display the ad code shown in above Ad Code then copy the code and place where ever you want to display the ads in Blog

How Add Adsense ads Below the blog Post title in blogger(Blogspot)

5. Go to blogger console, here we have so many option to place ads below the Blog post the title we should select "Theme" Button as shown in the below Image "1. Click on theme" and then "Edit HTML" 2.Click on edit Html

>After selecting theme it will display Html Code on blog console

>Here click on Edit HTML then it will open HTML console 
>After opening the html code

>Click on CTRL+F to open search bar on html code

>here you have to find below Code <data:post.body/> By pasting in search bar
> If got this thing twice or trice just as show in pic

>If you this Code twice Place your code above the second one <data:post.body/>

>If the  <data:post.body/> placed twice or trice in blog, Try to place in all the code and check.

>Some times ads will display on first or second or third on depend upon the template style

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>



>Go to adsense  create new ad unit size and copy the code Place the code above where Blue sentence 

>After placing adsense code then copy entire blue and red line along with Code, Just follow the Below image 

> how to write the code, what to copy and where to paste the code in blogger template

>after placing the code above post body save the template and close the template

> Go to the blog and refresh it and you will se the ads below the title

Do you want to Display ads left side or right side or middle of the page just add this line of code to display adsense and any other ad or images or affiliates links

> Select One Code which you are interest to display ads left chose left or right or center

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Top 10 ways to increase Blog Traffic

>If you wan to align the article to left center or right include blow code

To Display in center    <div align=”center“> Encoded Ad unit code here</div>  
To Display in left         <div align=”left“> Encoded Ad unit code here</div>
To Display in right      <div align=”right“> Encoded Ad unit code here</div> 

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