How to Create and Upload Favicon to Blogger

Every one making mistake when they create blog in blogger with custom logo in Favicon or blogspot blog, it will represent your blog looks professional compared to default blogger icon

favicon can upload for both custom domain and blogspot domain

Today I am going to tell clearly step by step process for Creating Favicon and Upload to Blogger

1. Creating and Designing icon (favicon)
First you have to favicon icon by using note pad or any other resource like photo shop, 3rd party website.

There are so many website for icon like readymade icon which you can download and upload it to your blog,

Few list of 3rd Party websites for icons, Search for required icon which represents your blog and download the icon

flaticon you will get both free and paid icons, here we edit & modify the icon

Icons8 Free icons website, download icon for free

After downloading Icon from icon8


2. How to Uplaod Favicon (icon) to Blog: Step by step Process to upload custom image logo to blogger blog by following the below steps and pictures will help to understand easily and clearly

Every blogger who wants to look their blog profession they use to put custom favicon icon to the blog, this make your blog more professional

Who wants to run static website go for blogger Purchase a New Domain Name and add the custom domain to blogger 

Who are using blogspot blog without custom domain can upload favicon to the website

>Go to

> Login to blogger account

>Select your Blog dashboard

>In your dash board left tabs there will be a "Layout" button shown in image below Click that button to open the dashboard

>when the click on Layout buttons it will display layout Window show below
>In this place you will Find lot of details are there

>Here below the Layout window there will be a favicon box here we should click on edit

>After clicking on edit new window then it will open the Favicon Configuration window
>follow the Configure Favicon window Images

>SQ Orange Color was the my old Faviocn logo to upload new remove the old on By Following the above image

>Orange circled logo was my old logo From the blog

>After choosing the file it will show the path of the icon
>To upload that icon press the save button to save and close the browser tab

> Then Click on Save Arrangement to save the logo to template
> All the images are clear and easy work
>Just go to the browser or click on View Blog to view the logo on browser
>Check how it will view on web browser
Note: Please watch each and every image to know the details clearly

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