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Complete Step By Step to Create a Custom url for youtube Channel

step by step process to create url for youtube channel

Hi, Friends welcome Back to ShoutQuick Today I 'll Tell you How to Get custom URL for Youtube channel and How to Get specific URL which Related to your brand, Here are the simple steps to create custom url for youtube channel

Just follow this article to create custom url to youtube channel.

We have to create youtube channel, upload some video and promote channel and get 100 subscriber then we are approve to get custom url

First Criteria to Get custom Url, we should have 100 subscribers to the youtube channel

Check how the Custom Url and Normal Links, How These two links looks

Normal Regular Youtube URL:

Custom URL:



  In this article, I’ll tell you to step by step process to create a custom URL for youtube channel and ill top on google searches

Why should we create custom URL for Youtube channel and What was the basic criteria to get a custom name for a youtube channel?

Helps youtube channel to get more visible and easy to access, finding and Searching channel will be fast and easy.

Difference between Custom Url and Normal Url

Custom URL
Normal URL

Custom URL
A. Very Easy to Access on youtube by typing custom url on youtube search

B. In Google search engine your channel ranks good 

C. We can easily remember and open any time, Your channel name is Unique

D. It would help for Branding like when we are promoting

For Example, when we are promoting social profile would be like (FB/TW/IN/YT/ Filmyframe)

E. One Unique Name for all your branding and social profiles.

Check all My Social Profile

F.Help to improve Youtube seo and gets more visibility on Google search engine



The brand name was the same but different social network.

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Begginer Youtube Mistake you Should avoid

Normal Url (Regular Youtube assigned Link)

A. It’s not easy to open youtube Channel

B. We have to youtube and type channel name and select channel option then we will get your youtube channel.

>Basic Criteria to get Custom URL for youtube channel
>We should have min 100 subscribers to apply for Custom URL

Just follow these steps to create custom youtube URL

1. Go to youtube and login to Youtube channel.

2. After login Click Right Side Corner Click on Channel Thumbnail is shown in the Pic 

Shout Quick Name for youtube channel

3. When you click the thumbnail button It Ill Appear Drop Down List

4. Here we have to Scroll down and click on Settings Button, next page will open

>Click On "SETTING" shown below

Custom Channel url for youtube channel

5. Now we are in setting pages


6. In Setting Pages we have to Click on "Here" as Show Image Below

> this page navigate to Custom URL Page

Creating Custom Url

 7. We have to Select one option shows the image below

> Select an option how custom URL look in youtube

     >FilmyFrame is My Option

     >Filmyframe (Suffix) Add Extra Text Like  EX (FilmyFrameChannel) when we are creating an additional channel, that time we have to use Suffix

custom youtube url

8. We have to Select one option shown below, I am Selecting Red option

9. Select the check box shown below

10. Click the CHANGE URL button create custom URL

custom yotube url is ready

11. One step ahead to create a custom youtube URL, It asks for confirmation.

12. Cross check whether your youtube channel URL name properly

13. click on "CONFIRM CHOICE"

one step to custom url

11. Now we Successfully created custom URL for our youtube channel

12. This is how our custom youtube name looks

Custom url For youtube channel

Now we successfully Created url name for youtube channel.

This was the complete info and details for creating Creating the custom URL for youtube channel. 

If I forget anything in this article comment below so i can update.

I hope this article will help you to create a custom URL.

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