How to Upload Water Mark Subscriber Button to Youtube channel & Design It

How to upload the watermark subscriber button on the youtube channel, which displays on all our youtube videos.

How to design the water mark subscriber button which attracts customers to subscribe to your channel.

 up subscribe button will appear when we watch a video on the youtube channel. 

We have a chance to get more subscriber, engage more audience and helps to grow your business
How to Update watermark subscriber Button to youtube channel

Creating a youtube channel and uploading videos one thing, to gain more subscribers and views to videos, branding youtube channel.   

·         why Create a subscriber button? How to upload it on youtube channel? what is the use of adding a subscriber button to the youtube channel?

·          By creating and uploading the pop-up subscriber button we have a chance to get subscribers for youtube channel, if anyone clicks that button then it will navigate to youtube channel main subscribers page.

·          Many guys search in google how to get subscribers for youtube channel, This is the one method to get subscriber for youtube

·          Many guys add their brand and youtube channel log or channel name.

·          Helps gain more subscribers and more exposure to the youtube channel

·          When anyone clicks that link it will navigate to the youtube channel main page

·          Now we are going to start setup the watermark subscriber button for youtube channel which displays in all videos in a channel.

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Now we are going to updating the subscriber button to the youtube channel

> Go to youtube and Login to the youtube channel 

Open youtube icon

> Click on profile picture right top corner(select the channel).

> Now we will get a list of option 

> Click on Your Channel, Navigated channel page

Click on Youtube channel

> Here We have to click on  "Customized Channel"

Click on Customize channel

> We are in our channel Home Page 

> Now click on "Video Manager" Option

Click on video manager

> We navigated to channel setting and dashboard, here we have all options modify the youtube channel setting.

> Now select "Setting" Tab left side of the page
Click on setting

> Popup setting box will open.

> Here we have to select the "Channel" option.

> we have 3 tabs here Basic Info, Advance Setting, and Branding.

> Click on "Branding" button upload subscriber button

Click Channel button and branding Button

> Now we have to download or create a square-shaped image, it should be 10*10 size.

> we are in the video "watermark" section.

 > Click the "choose image" option to select the image and update it by double click on the image.

Click on choose button upload watermark subscriber button

We have 3 option in the watermark, where to display when to display 

- End of the video
- Custom start time
- Entire Video

> Now we successfully uploaded the watermark subscriber button to the youtube channel, this setting will apply to all videos on the youtube channel.

Adding watermark to video is a great way to improve the branding of the youtube channel, This setting applicable for all the videos in the entire channel.

watermark logo size should not be more than 1 MB, PNG, or GIF format, with a size of 150 x 150 Px.
Now we successfully added subscriber button

Select any one option 

> In the above tree options select one option to depend upon you
> I am going with a Custom start time 30 seconds.
> Then click "Save" to apply the effects to your channel

We saved settings successfully, Now check it now.

Now we successfully created or download the watermark subscriber button and uploaded it to a youtube channel.

By uploading the watermark logo subscriber button improves our brand value and chance to engage more customers, gain more subscribers.

Step by step process to create a watermark logo button and upload it to the youtube channel may help you change the setting.

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I hope this article will help you to make these settings, comment on your opinion on this article. Share this article and follow it.

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