Top 10 way to Become a successful Blogger

How to get success in Blogging for Beginner's, who wants to start a new blog on any niche, To Become an expert in blogging.

Top 10 way to Become a successful in Blogger

To start a blog you need to choose the domain name for your business, and Hosting, select blogging platform.

Choose platforms, world top bloggers are using WordPress, Easy to use you can modify by installing few required plug-ins.

Installing Wordpress and maintaining WordPress you don't require any knowledge, Even new guys can create.

Create a free blog on blogger and start a blog and later movie to WordPress.

We have particular limits on blogger platforms. We have to do everything manually, We cannot add Tags and meta descriptions to blogger blog.

These steps will help you to make money from Blogging for beginners.

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1. Find a profitable niche for your business, you have to pic topic for your business.

Niche selection is the most important thing, it plays a crucial role in your business.

Go with your hobby or Interested topic where you're proficient.

Select the most profitable niche which doesn't have competition.

We have a lot of scope for micro-niches where you can target the particular customers, Narrow your keyword so you have less competition.

"Book" & "SEO" is the main keyword

"Seo books" is micro niches
"Seo for Cars" is a micro-niche

2. Focus one thing until you reach the goal

Focus on one thing and spend some time on that,  Every day we have to spend quality time, whether it is 30 min or one Hour.

Put all your efforts and focus on one thing you ill achieve it.
Never divert your mind, aim for one target until you reach it.

3. Tips for Copywriter

Start writing until you reach the Goal, Every failure teache us a lesson, we have to learn from failure, This process makes you best.

Spend some time for learning, Spend some time writing.

Two things I learner from them

Deepak kanakaraju (DigitalDeepa) he said to write every consistently for 30 days, so it became a habit of writing, He challenged me to write 1000 words every day.

Pradeep Goyal (Cashoverflow) told that write everyday, start writing 500 words per day, within 10 days you Ill write 5000 words, in a month it reaches 15000 words almost equal to an E-Book
We can make 1000 $ per month by writing an article, many guys are making it

4. consistency is the key to Success

 Consistency is the most important thing in our life, If you want to post articles monthly, weekly or Dialy post it constantly.

Fix a time and post an article on a specific day and time,  schedule the post without fail.

Consistently posting articles will create some interest for Readers or viewers.

5.  On-page SEO tips before publishing article

Before publishing a post, we have to add some keywords, anchor text, alt tags, internal links, external links, and header tags.

You have to do on-page SEO to our article to get top on search engines.

Once your post comes to the first page on search engines, you 'll get huge traffic to your blog, you 'll gain move views.

6. Stop thinking to start working

"Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can"

Start working what you learn, We can learn by implementing.

Learning is important but implementation gives results, Every time you have to motivate yourself at work.

7. off-page optimization

Promote articles on social media sites and social bookmarking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, watt app, and more) comment on remaining social media sites.

#how to get traffic from social sites

8. Learn & perform

 When we learn something we have to implement, by implementing we are going to learn more.

Real learning is working on a particular thing and learning,

"Stop thinking start working"

Bruce Lee said  said

"Knowing is not Enough We must Apply"
"Willing is not enough we must do"

9.Keyword research and article with keywords:

When we write an article it should be unique, Your language will in a simple every busy should able to read it.

We need to include some high-density keywords to optimize your article along with your blog, Article should be top on search we have to do on-page optimization, keywords it self optimize to search engines.

10.Implementing Taking action:

Now a day we all need money to live life fullest, We will watch a number of educational videos, read many books but we never implement we never take an action, To get success we need to implement, we should take action.

Implementing is a key success to reach your goal and to become wealthy, we have to love what we are doing.

You need to spend quality time on particular work to achieve your goal, you should not give up until you reach your goal.

Never ever give up, you put your 100 percent efforts one day you will achieve your destination and results.

One thing you have to keep in mind, when you feel hard never lose your spirit and focus, Cross every hurdle and fix every problem, try to find a solution for every problem so you will be learning by solving the question.

We learn how to hot to start a blog, successful ways to promote your Blog, tips to get success on blogging career, Implement these steps to make passive income by blogging.

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