How to enable Meta Description in Blogger

How to add meta Description to blogger blog, Meta description is the most important key things to add a description to each blogpost.
Meta Data, Meta Tags, Meta Description
Recently Google introduced a new feature in blogger. we do not have this feature in blogger, but which has on WordPress platform, we can add meta description and meta tags, the Blogger platform doesn’t have a separate description feature.

Now google updated some feature in BlogSpot blog, now we can add meta description, Google gave us an option to add meta description to every article in the Blogspot blog.

Metadata we should add to every blog post in your blog, we have two types of metadata, Meta Tags & meta Description, Meta Tags, and Meta Description will rank your blog on a search engine, Without metadata, you're wasting your time. It helps your blog to rank, it will generate more traffic to your blog.

Meta Tags: We should add some tags for every article, pic some keywords add them into your blog, For the blogger, we should addend of the blog description.

Ex: (Tags: Meta Description, Meta Tags, Meta Data)

In word press blog we have plugins for SEO, Install Yoast Seo Plugin for WordPress blog, we can add tags in the tags box, We can add meta description

Meta Description: Describing the entire article in 150 words, Meta Description will only visible on a search engine, after opening the blog post it will not visible.

Meta Description help users to know what they are going to read about, Description should attract the viewer to open the link and read the article, it should be cache and attractive.
Meta Description is data which describe complete info about the article, its like short description to your article, description length should be in 150 words, not more than 150 words, In google search it shows only 150 words only.

Just follow these steps to activate meta descriptions to bloggers
Meta Description to blogger

Step1: Go to blogger account
Step 2: Sign up to the account
Step 3: Select your Blog
Step 4: In your blogger dashboard select “Setting”
Step 5: Click on “Search Preferences”
Step 6: In the top Meta tag option, below their Description option is there, Now click on “Edit”
Step 7: Now we have two options Enable Meta description Yes Or No
Step 8: Now You must select “Yes” to Enable Meta description to you blog post.
Step 9: Click on “Save” to now meta description box will appear in your blog
150 words Maximum length to Meta Description, Do not exceed More than that,

 below image will help you in navigating the operations
Enable meta Description option in blogger

Go to any of your Blog Post and check you have unlocked to add meta Description, By following steps.

Step 1: Click on “Post”
Step 2: Select and open any post or create a new post to check the Description option in blogger.

Meta Description box in blogspot
 Now you can add meta description to all your blogpost, Meta description is on-page SEO, It helps your blog to reach more audience.

 This is a simple way to enable meta description option on Blogspot blog, This is the way you can enable the meta description.
How to Enable meta Description

Watch The videos to learn how to enable Meta description to blogger Blog, Follow this video

Conclusion: We successfully enabled the meta description option to free blogger blog, I hope this article helps you to enable you to add meta description setting on Blogspot. 

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