Facebook Marketing Guide : Drive free traffic from Facebook Page

We are going to learn how to drive traffic from Facebook ads, engage more customers, and get leads from Facebook, Tip and tricks gain more followers and views from Facebook.

How to drive traffic from facebook

in this article, I will discuss Facebook ads, Facebook marketing, Facebook Business, Facebooks groups, Facebook pages, 

How to generate leads from Facebook ads, Facebook traffic to a blog, Paid marketing & free marketing, how to grow more audience using the Facebook group.

Introduction to Facebook marketing 

We have different ways to get traffic from Facebook, free promotion, and paid marketing, Facebook for business

The free promotion you will promote your product or a website without spending money just by spending time.

How to promote Facebook page & get traffic from Facebook page

To promote anything. Face book we have to have an active Facebook account and create a business Facebook fan page, Facebook group, initially we have to spend a lot of time to get some attention to our page and group.

DHow to drive traffic from facebook marketing and facebook Budiness

How to get likes to the Facebook page, we have updated the page every day by posting engaging content, Every day you have to post on your page and share it on the different group are related to your niche and ask your friends like and share your page, Implementing this process may reach the audience, Every share will reach new customer's, This is the simplest way to grow your business with Facebook business page.

When your page reaches 10000 or 1 lack likes, When you post anything In Your page it will reach at least 20 % percent of your followers, This process you 'll reach your goal. you have to update the Facebook page consistently, Continuously updates content on your page to grow your business and get more exposure.

How to Promote FB group, get traffic from Facebook Groups.

How to drive traffic from facebook marketing

You need to create a Facebook group related to your niche or a topic, We have to join member in your friends in your Facebook and ask your friend to join their friends, Like this, you can gain some followers in your group, You should share your groups to other groups which are related your niche.

The group discusses everyday post some questions, you have to resolve all your group members queries, Now your group is engaged with customers who are interested in you service, They will tell you what type of content you have to write, you should understand them, By solving their problems & you are engaging them.
By this process you have for percent your audience engagement makes earn good money and traffic, For this process, this will take some time but it's organic traffic.

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Paid Promotion on Facebook ads:

To boost your article posted on your Facebook page you need pay, You can boost targeted customers, it can reach immediately.

Facebook ads will help you to grow your business and reach the targeted customer age, gender, location, time and has more advance features using Facebook ads campaign, 

Note: Before doing Facebook ad campaign you need to know more about Facebook add campaign, You need to do some research about that product and learn to promote it effectively.
Some guys are losing money by Facebook ad campaign, some of the $1600 and he earn $1300, He lost almost 300 dollars.

To promote anything in online Facebook ad campaigning is the best way to reach the targeted traffic and targeted audience.

The Facebook ad campaign is the most powerful media, many corporate companies are making money from Facebook ad campaigning and promoting their products.

Many guys are making money from the face by providing ad camping service, Many companies hire you for maintaining their Facebook pages and campaigning the product or service.

Many digital marketing companies are making millions of dollars from Facebook marketing.

Many individuals blogger's earning by Facebook dampening by promoting affiliate products and services.

You can sell your own stuff using Facebook ads campaign, you can sell your course, tutorials in by using Facebook.

This works for Real estate,  bloggers,  affiliate marketers, Local stores, 

In this topic, we are going to learn how to drive traffic to blogs, websites, and videos and promoting

Branding is most important, it plays a crucial role and it helps to grow your business and hook the audience, By branding, we are building trust in the audience.

To promote any product or brand Facebook is on top, Facebook marketing we can reach the targeted audience around the globe.

Paid Promotion (We have to spend money to promote your product or service)

what are things we have promote?

We can promote local business, Online products,  Blog or website, youtube channels affiliate links and more

We can reach the target audience, by a specific age, Specific time, specific geographical area, relates people,  Generate leads to any product by spending a few dollars on Facebook ads campaign, we reach the audience.

We can target specific customers related to your niche, it's like targeted costumers.

By using Facebook advertising a real estate agent sold 8 units (apartment) by spending $25 on Facebook ads, He got 120 leads and he sold 8 units, By this, he made $30k dollars  as commission,

This is the power of Facebook ads and he made
$30k by spending $25 on Facebook ads.

Conclusions: We know how to promote in Facebook,  free promotion & paid promotion, Facebook is the best place for marketing, there is a scope to grow your business using Facebook and Make money by using Facebook

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