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How to start a Blog on Blogspot for free and make money through blogger blog, Blogging for beginners, guide to Sign in to Blogger, and earn extra money.

Step By Step Guide to Create a Blog on Blogspot In Blogger Plaform

Google Blogger is a free blogging platform, You can make money by publishing articles in our blog by promoting.

How to start a blog to Create Free Blog on Blogspot, By creating blog sites free on blogger

We can create several Blogs for free on Blogger

If you have Gmail account it's free to sign in to blogger and create a blog by choosing a domain name,

A domain is a name for your blog, ( Google is a domain name.

Blogger will give you a free domain name with the extension of


You want a dot com or any domain extension you have to buy the domain from any hosting company.

Note: Many hosting companies give you a free domain on one-year hosting plans.

You can host your custom (.com) domain for free on blogger

Read the article: Add Godaddy Domain to blogger, You ill get an idea to integrate your domain with blogger

Follow this Steps to Create a Blogspot blog on blogger
By using third party email like Yahoo, Hotmail, or any personal account you can create a blog by registering (signup).
We can create a blog with a Gmail account, By using gamil we can utilize most of the google services listed below

> Google-owned Youtube Channel
> Google Blogger
> Google mail (Gmail)
> Google Analytics
> Google trends
> Google Search
> Google webmaster tool
> Google ads Frivolous(Google ad words), Google keyword planner
> Google ad-sense to monetize your site
> Google search Console
> Google alerts
> Keep Note
> Google Sheets (docs, word, presentation similar to ms word)
> Google Voice recorder (Translate speech to text)
> Google Translator
> These are most important for bloggers

Blogspot blog belongs to google, Blogger blog is SEO friendly, it's easy to optimize on google search.

By using another mail to create a blog in blogger, using Gmail we can create a blog without registration, for yahoo, Hotmail, and other mail we have to register before creating a blog. Create a blog in blogger is free, they didn't charge for blogger hosting, to buy custom domain we need pay around 10$ to 15$ Per Year for the domain, Hosting in blogger platform is free.
Integrate Custom Domain Name to Blogger Hosting
I am going to tell you how to create a free blog in blogger (Blogspot), Beginner who wants to start blogging as a career for them Blogspot is a good option to learn more, by working with blogger you can start creating a blog. Later you can change your Blogspot to com by purchasing a domain name provider and integrate to your Blog, My blog is integrated with GoDaddy domain with free blogger hosting. To migrate from Blogger to WordPress blog, Blue Host is the recommendation WordPress web & Best Hosting provide.

It's very easy to install and easy to set up a WordPress blog on Blue host quickly, One-click word press migration.

If you purchase hosting from the Blue host, they will give domain name free for one year hosting package
I page is cheaper than other blog hosting they are giving free ad credits Unlimited word press hosting, I page Package starts from 1.99 $ per Month plus they give you a free domain for one year.

Check Out for I page Hosting
Check Out for Blue Host hosting service provider
Started created a blog with "" and later purchased the domain name from GoDaddy and and replaced it on blogger How to replace a with a custom domain to Create a brand new blog in blogger for free by following these steps. To Create a blog we need to have an email id to log in or signup If you have a Gmail account we can we can create a blog with an existing Gmail account. Create a new blogger with non-Gmail accounts for that you have to register an account with blogger. Step by step guide to creating a new blog on blogger, with Gmail account. > Login to google account or Gmail account > enter in search and open

>Click On Create a new blog button and it will navigate to next page

>Choose the title for your blog niche and enter a title for your blog, If you don't like the title you can change later.
>Choose the blog address for a selected niche where you are interested and familiar with then find a good keyword for blog address and not more than two to three words Ex: Shout Ex: Quick >Domain name must be SEO friendly, It would help you rank on google search and more visibility search engines. >In title Section we should enter blog title, It means blog name >In address field we have to enter the blog domain name which is unique >Select any theme that will suitable to the blog >Select the color for your theme >Click on create a blog to Create New Blog > Now we are going to navigate to next page > Now Here we have chosen a template for your blog which suits you or good for a blog, later we can update your blog >Click on Create Blog button to create a new blog
blogger Template

> After Creating a blog it ill display below shown dialogue box

Create domain in blogger

> Do you want to set up a custom domain for your blog to enter your domain name and search for it and buy the domain name.

> You didn't require domain name right now click no thanks, you can add later by purchasing in other hosting or already had a domain.

This is the simple and easiest way to create a new blog on Blogspot for free, Setup custom template to blog depend upon niche and design.

Bluehost offers best host plans for WordPress bloggers and starts from 3.95 $ per month and you 'll get a free domain for a one-year Checkout offers

As per my opinion, the WordPress platform is the best way to grow your blog, we have many limitations on blogger, WordPress has the freedom to customize.

Successfully we created a new blog on a blog post, It's free to create a new blogger account, feel free to contact me by commenting below. Ask questions by commenting below,

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