How To Start a Blog and Make money with a Blog

Here is a quick guide on how to start a blog and make money with a blog, and started earning $1000 dollars per month. Who wants to start a blogging business.

how to make money with blog

How to grow an online business, and make a million dollars a year by blogging, This is the ultimate blogging guide for beginners.

In this article, I will tell you how to make money with blogging to achieve your financial freedom to clear all your debts.

Follow these 10 steps to start a new blog that makes money.

1. The purpose of creating a blog

When we start anything, there is a reason behind starting any business. To make money, some did what they like to do. what is your passion?

Ask your self what to do, which are you are good at, google is the best place to find ideas.

Take a note write down the ideas you sourced from google, after completing the list, shortlist. all the ideas.

Pick one or two things, which are profitable, which helps to grow your business, find the market whether your product has a huge demand.

Now you are ready with a product/service to start a business.

Note: Find the competition for your business, the business should have low competition high search volume. You can easily penetrate to market and grow your business fast.

2. Niche selection. 

What is a niche?

Niche is a nothing but the topic, select a niche for a blogging business. In previous topics, I told you how to find a profitable niche for the blog.

Find the name for your blog, the domain name should not exceed two words, if you didn't get the domain name related to your topic, then extend to three words. Length for the domain name must be not more than 15 words, it should be easy to remember, easy to spell.

I hope now you are ready with your niche(topic). The name should be SEO friendly if possible find a good keyword related to your topic. make sure that domain and must be close to your top, it may rank easily on the search engine.

While your taking domain, do some research in google and case study in google

How to make money with a blog

3. Hosting and Domain platform

Hosting is a place for your domain. domain a name and address of your blog, for example, you parked your car in a parking lot, they charge some amount for parking your car. Car is a name of your domain, Parking is a hosting.

For example, the blue host is one of the hosting companies with different hosting plans.

Site ground is the best hosting company in the world. Site ground gives you a domain name for free with one-year hosting. plan.

WordPress platform is the world's best platform. Many companies and top bloggers in the world are using self-hosted WordPress, its very easy to install themes and plugins.

Site ground is the fasted and secured, to know more about site ground click here. It is expensive but totally worth it, they will give you great service and hosting is best in the market.

If you take any hosting go with the 3 years or 5 years plan. You can save a lot of money by taking a 3-year plan instead of taking a one year plan, if you take one year pan they charge more, of you, take 3 or 5 years they charge less.

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Watch This video to create a WordPress blog

The basic plan in the blue host starts from $3.95 per month. Get the Blue host discount.
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4. Content creation :

After creating a blog you need to add some content to your blog, write an article for the blog, every article should not be less than 1000 words, if you write 2000 words you ill grow fast and rank on top of the google.

To become a successful blog continuously post articles on the blog and share it on social media and various platforms to drive traffic to your blog.

When you are writing an article, make sure you should add keywords in the blog post, Keywords help your blog post to rank top on the google search engine.

Consistently post articles may reach the audience and they pay attention to your article.

The article should be written in a simple language, everyone can easy to read and understand, It would be the well-framed manner so they can easily understand your article

5. How to do SEO ranking 

What SEO is?
Seo is a search engine optimization when we type any word in google it will display the search results. Your site should come on top of the search engine. To get top on search engine we have to do SEO for every blog post

In this post, I am not writing deeper, I am giving you a basic glance on SEO ranking

In SEO we have two types ON Page Seo and Off-Page Seo

Following are the thing you need to add on each on each and every blog post, on-page optimization is way optimizing your article to search engine.

1.Article length not less than 1000 words.
2.write a high volume article.
3. Adding internal and external backlinks(outbound links) some other blog links were placed in our blog.
4. Anchor text for internal linking(inbound links).
5. Image alt tags, Name for an image, and the alt attribute.
6. H1 & H2 & H3 tags
7. Meta tags and Meta Description
8. The blog post title should have 2 to 3 keywords
9. Keywords stuffing in article

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Off-Page Seo: 
Optimizing blog by promoting on various media, sharing on different networks related to your topic.
1. Share your article on different social networking site
2. Get some quality backlinks
3. Guest blogging
4. Blog commenting
5. submit to the article submission site

To know more about on-page optimization and off-page optimization, here you ill get exclusive information about on-page SEO and off-page SEO

6. Social Media Marketing

Promoting your blog on various social networking sites, you have to create accounts on the most popular top 8 social media sites.

1.Facebook: Create a Facebook fan page and invite your friends, you have gained some like to grow your page. consistently continuously you have an update on the Facebook fan page, in order to grow your business.

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2.Twitter: Create a new twitter account in order to grow in different verticals, and post articles consistently on twitter account

3. Instagram; Create an Instagram account update your details. It is an image and video sharing platform, where you can upload images and videos.

4. Linked In: Create a link in an account and update your profile. Linked is a professional website where you can get professional clients.

5. Pinterest: Creating an account in Pinterest is very simple, you can create a Pinterest profile by using Facebook, Twitter, and by using our google account. I created a Pinterest by using google.

6. Reddit: is one of the best places to grow an audience by sharing your content on Reddit.

7. Youtube: Youtube is a video streaming website, who has google account you can have a youtube account, by updating your name in youtube.

8. Quora Seo: Is a question and answering website where you can post questions and answer to other question. Quora is the most powerful and effective to grow the audience to blog.

In every social networking site, you have to update your blog information, so anybody visits your social profile and they click on that link, then it will redirect to your blog.

When you create a blog post make sure to submit your URL with 2 to 3 words of text on all the networks I mentioned above.

7. Building Backlinks: What is Backlinks

Creating a backlink help your blog to get more views, there are two types of backlinks are there.

1. Inbound Links: This is an internal linking, by using internal links we are navigating him to different pages and make them read other articles in the blog, it will increase the bounce rate.

2.Outbound Links: Too build backlinks to your blog, other bloggers who are giving you the links, it will drive your traffic and helps to grow your blog.

If someone likes your content, they will give you backlinks, you can approach different blogs asking backlinks, send them a mail to different bloggers ask them for a backlink.

Note: Don't create spammy backlinks, try to get quality links from a website having good page rank, don't buy backlinks, spammy backlinks hurt your page rank.

8. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is one of the ways to get traffic from different blogs and building networks to your site, its like distributing visiting cards.

Always comment on a blog which is related to your topic, when you are commenting in a blog the text in which your commenting should convey a message about your article and how it would help him is 10 to 15 words.

Your message should drive him to your blog, this is the way blog commenting will help to drive huge traffic and improve your article and blog search engine visibility.

Comment on blogs, having high page rank, good traffic, try to comment on Edu blogs.

9. How to Monetize a blog

Monetizing is nothing but the way you make money from the blog, directly or indirectly making money.

Now the question arises on how to monetize a blog?
In this article, ill tell you 4 ways to monetize your blog, we have many ads networks, affiliate networks, advertising and 

1. Ads networks: There are many ads networks that are there, google AdSense, bing ads, Infolinks, and Chitika and many more networks are there, among this AdSense are popular.

To get google AdSense account you need to follow their privacy and policies, before applying Adsense you need to have at least 100 to 500 visitors per day, at least 20 to 50 high-quality articles, then you have to apply for AdSense.

Google will take one week to one month to monetize your Adsense, sometime they will not approve, you have to wait for 1 or 2 months and apply for Adsense once again.

Compare to other add networks google higher than other networks.

2. Affiliate marketing:
 It is different from AdSense, in affiliate marketing, we can make a lot of money, There were a number of affiliate networks that pay the high commission.

In affiliate marketing, we will promote specific products related to the niche. We 5 times more money which we make from Adsense, some times even more.

3. Advertising: 
Selling ad space in your blog, when we are traveling there were big banners on the roadside they charge money per day. it's similar to them.

We are selling a particular 300*250 space in your blog, you are going to charge for monthly weekly or yearly depends on you.

4. Selling Your own products: 
Your blog is about recipes, and you wrote a book about recipes, By selling that book you can make money from it.

It is a one-time effort, To write a book it will take one month or two months or even six months, by selling a book you are going to make money for years.

Do you know about Hollywood actress and model Crissy Teigen, she has written a book name is Carving Hungry for More Cook Book By Crissy Teigen, there are many guys who are making extra money by selling books.

Note: Before monetizing your blog you should have good traffic to your blog, minimum you should have 500 to 1000 views per day.

10. Branding: Branding plays key roles nowadays, branding grows your stamina, It easy to identify your brand.

Creating an impact on viewers who are your blog, In this way, you can grow your business.

for example Nike, Puma, Apple, and Benz, by seeing the logo we can tell the company name.

Conclusion: This is a brief article about How to start a blog and make money with a blog, how to drive traffic, different ways to monetize a blog.

Do let me know any doubts regarding making money through blogging.

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