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Hi Friends Welcome to Shoutquick my Name is PJ and I am a profession Blogger and Youtuber(Vlogger).

Started Blogging Since 2013 my first blog is career time.in and this blog about Jobs and Education, when I took this domain name I am not aware of many things mistakenly took wrong domain name, that means instead of taking career-time I took career time, After taking this domain My Adsense account approved in 9 months, My application was rejected many times, after a lot of hard work multiple changes in a blog helps me to approve Adsense.

One more Blog on Coupons we named it #Couponsjosh, moto to create this blog to provide the latest coupons, offers, discounts, and more online shopping offers.

My main Reason to star shout quick to learn more about digital marketing, Vlogging, SEO, and Affiliate marketing, In the same way, ill share with you what I learn, Update late trending topics, tips to grow Blogs, traffic.

I have Good Knowledge of Youtube Marketing, Creating and Making videos and Editing the videos then uploading to youtube, Youtube SEO & promoting youtube channel to different sources.

Worked on social Media networking Site & created much social Profile account Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and More social Profile Listed below, promoting the products in social media and promoting the social media profiles.

I will explain what I know & learn from Various resource and write everything in this blog, Explain everything according to my knowledge, Made some videos on many topics.

Main Moto To Start Shoutquick is (LEARN + TEACH + EXPRESS = KNOWLEDGE)


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Note: According to my knowledge I am sharing my view, If there any mistake and suggestion to Improve my self  Please feel free to suggest to me by comment below so I can improve my self.
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